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Change one life, impact a whole community.

A unique Indigenous company, Yurringa works with industry leading organisations. Our goal? To help them meet their diversity and inclusiveness needs across the board.

Certified by Kinaway Victoria and Supply Nation, Yurringa collaborates with clients and their sub-contractors. Our job is to ensure sustainable employment in culturally strong and safe workplaces. Then, we provide the right support. Training and educational opportunities for clients and job-seekers, alike.


Yurringa can provide...




Our strong focus on building a company’s diversity & inclusive requirements mean we can provide a wide range of services to help business development, including:

  • Diversity and inclusion operating model and design

  • Social procurement target acquisition 

  • Workforce participation and social procurement tendering strategies

  • Gap analysis encompassing social procurement and participation

  • Indigenous participation plan, development and review

Utilise Yurringa’s Managed Service Provider (MSP), specialising in direct hire, labour hire and contingent workforce. Yurringa’s recruitment capabilities include:

  • Access to Australia’s only Indigenous Master Supply Panel (MSP)

  • Executive and commercial talent acquisition 

  • Contingent workforce development providing labour hire and permeant recruitment

  • Employment partnerships offering access to government and private sectors

  • Placement and post placement support

Our Indigenous drone pilots work in partnership with SureFact Aerial to deliver, a range of drone services, including:

  • Qualified and CASA accredited pilots 

  • Latest technology solutions encompassing lidar and point cloud mapping

  • Monitoring and surveillance including environmental investigations

  • 2D/3D mapping, modelling and asset inspection

  • Aerial videography and photography

To find out more about Yurringa’s services or discuss your organisations specific needs contact us using the form below.

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